How We Started

My name is Joe Evans, I'm a pilot with, at the time of making this, roughly 800 hours. A while back I was trying to get my multi-engine rating, I had just bought my Twin Comanche, but didn't have the rating or the time to get on the insurance. I started looking at flight schools all around to get my multi through, but I noticed that none of these flight schools really put an emphasis on the multi rating. I spent months trying to get on a schedule to get my training done. Afterwards, I decided that there has to be a better way to do this. Here we are now, my goal is to make your Multi-Engine rating as quick and easy as possible. A short two to three day course, with about 10-15 hours of flight time, and we can get you your multi-engine rating. For more questions and information, go over to the contact page, and don't hesitate to call me.