Get The EDJ

A Superior Way to Train

Ditch the old standard way of flight training, and join us to save time and money. Our flight instructors are dedicated to you and only you, our Multi-Engine Students. We are a flight school that specializes solely in multi-engine training. Which means you can skip the headache of big flight schools with 50 plus students that you're trying to compete for time with. EDJ will get you in and out, in an average of 10 hours of flight time. 

A Better Airplane

We sure have the EDJ when it comes to our multi-engine airplane. N8407Y is a beautifully equipped Piper Twin Comanche, with a brand new 2023 interior, and a brand new full glass Garmin panel. With a G500 and GFC 500 autopilot, that can shoot coupled approaches and go arounds. It doesn't get much better for the price, which is $360/hour wet, or $260/hour dry. Better yet, we will bring this marvelous airplane to your home airport to conduct your training, if you so choose.

Let's Get Started

For more information or to get on a schedule head over to the contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.